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Policy of the ACB

The Policy of the ACB is to provide an on-line Certified Members Business Academy for the promotion of the members businesses to other members and the wider business community, in order for the members to gain maximum benefit from their businesses' certification/registration.

The ACB will continue to strive to add to the services that are available to the members to maximize the advantages of membership.

The ACB site will be maintained and kept up to date, giving due regard to the site's data security, for itself and for the members and maintaining viable availability, using current and approved hardware and software tools. At all times, the ACB site will meet acceptable website design tools and standards.

The ACB shall promote and support continued eductaion and training for its members within the context of business and certification, in particular via the provision of web based forums and offerings of approved training courses and related services.

The ACB shall ensure all complaints are independently reviewed and actioned.

The ACB shall review this policy on a regular basis.
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