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Membership Rules:

The ACB (Academy of Certified Businesses) Membership rules are designed to ensure that the ACB is an academy of high integrity and thus respected throughout the World.
It is incumbent on the ACB members to fully understand the rules and regulations specified below and to observe and implement the regulations at all times.

1. Members must hold a current Certification Scheme certificate, from an independent third party Registrar/Certification body that is accredited by an Accreditation Body that is recognised by the Independent Accreditation Forum (IAF) e.g.: ANAB, UKAS.

2. Members’ Websites that are “linked” to the ACB website must be up to date an accurate, within reasonable levels and must not make outrageous claims that cannot be substantiated. Further, the members’ websites must not be offensive in their nature.

3. Members that trade, either with other members, or non-members, must ensure that the terms of trading are clear and unambiguous.

4. Members that trade to other members must offer a discount from their normal sale prices, the discount must not be less than 10%, unless mutually agreed between the members.

5. Members that seek to advertise on the ACB website, shall observe the same conditions as that stated in rule 2 above.

6. Members shall allow reasonable access to the ACB independent panel, to determine the cause and actions necessary, should a complaint be made against them, by another member, or non-member, in terms of these regulations.

7. The rules and regulations may be amended from time-to-time, but shall be notified to all members via the ACB website.

Termination of Membership:

1. A member can seek to be a non-member of the ACB at anytime, providing the notification is in writing to the ACB.
2. The ACB can terminate membership of any company, should they be found to have breached the regulations stated above, or fail to maintain their membership fees. Notification of termination shall be in writing to the member.

Right of Appeal:

Should a member wish to appeal against the decision of the ACB, the member is free to appeal in writing, to the ACB within 10 working days of termination notification.
Three ACB members shall be selected to form the ACB appeal committee that is independent of the appellant to review the claim and they shall determine the outcome of the Appeal and notify all concerned in writing.
The Appeal hearing, either by meeting, or submitted documentation, shall take place within 28 working days of the appointment of the Appeal committee.
The Appeal’s committee decision will be final.
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