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The URS Academy of Certified Businesses
The URS ACB was formed from the realization that certified/registered businesses, whilst listed in several databases, were no more than just a listing. Indeed, it was a common criticism from certified/registered clients, that there was no “unified voice” in recognition for their efforts in achieving National, or International standards.

Further, it was also recognised, that many certified/registered businesses do not take full advantage of their award(s) when conducting their business on a day-to-day basis.

Initially, the Registrar of Standards Group (which includes ROS, United Registrar of Systems – URS and Global Registrars, Inc – GRI) decided that a mechanism must be found to augment the weaknesses of the current ways in which certified/registered businesses advertise themselves.

We endeavour to address the Group's worldwide client base in our websites by using Google Translate.However, given the current limitations in technology, such automated translation may result in errors.
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